This is my collection of bookmarks mostly related to computers and the UNIX operating system.


About UNIX

The TTY Demystified
An excellent introductory article on TTYs. Covers history, relationship to processes, jobs, sessions and signals, as well as basic configuration.
One man UNIX
A single-tasking UNIX clone for the Motorola 6809 microprocessor
The Computer History Simulation Project
This site contains simulators of “ancient” computer systems like PDP-7, PDP-11 and VAX. You could, for instance, run UNIXv7 on a PDP-11 and hope to experience at least a bit of what Ken and Dennis felt back then.
Actually using ed
A great comprehensive tutorial on using ed.

C Programming

About the C programming language

Why does calloc exist?
Explains why calloc() is not simply malloc() which zeroes out memory.


RECC – The Robert Elder Compiler Collection
RECC, is a collection of programming tools that includes a C compiler, a specification for a very simple and easy to emulate CPU, a toy microkernel, some assembly language specifications, and much more.

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