Below is a list of my articles, notes, tutorials, idea writeups and other texts, roughly ordered by date of first publication (newest first).

Crashing Scratch and Snap! for fun and education
A fun way to introduce concepts such as dynamic memory allocation and memory leaks to young programmers who are learning to program in Scratch and Snap!.
Suspending a root shell started with su
Ever used su to get root shell, then tried CTRL-Z to suspend it and get back to your user shell? Read on to learn an alternative way of doing it.
And they say they haven't received your e-mail
It is not unusual that people claim they haven't received your e-mail. Learn how to obtain a proof that your message has been sent and delivered to their mailbox.
A hole in the code
A short theoretical discussion on how code relocation might lead to an improved cache performance.
Multiple snapshots in VMware Player
VMware Player can't make multiple VM snapshots. Read how you can simply add the snapshot functionality yourself.
Runtime profiling with gprof
Collecting profiling information at run time; particularly useful for programs with excessively long execution times (e.g. scientific calculations).

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